These are trying times for everybody in South Africa and most of the world at the moment.
We know that this will have a huge impact on our business as well. That being said Fdesign is currently still in the fortunate position to be able to continue with most of our services.
One of the services that we are able to assist with during this time is online store development.
We understand that nobody planned for this and the loss of business during this time for most shop owners will be considerable..
We have therefor decided to reduce the pricing of our online store development services as well as website development as a whole.
We can also offer payment plans for those who need them.

What you need to get your store online and things to consider

  • The first thing you are going to need is a domain name and hosting.
    It is important that your hosting package includes at least one database. We do not offer hosting ourselves but do assist our clients with setting this up with a service provider. We prefer Xneelo ( ).
    Mainly because over the years they have seemed to be the most stable and offer great support.
  • Images of your products. The better the quality of the images the more attractive it will look to potential buyers. Unfortunately it is not possible to get a product photographer in during this time but try spend some time on this. Luckily the images are easy to update at a later stage.
  • A proper description and price of each product. Each product will have its own page with a short description and a more detailed description.
  • Courier services. Unless you are providing a product for the food, health or any other industry currently classified as essential, you wont be able to send out any products until after the lockdown. ( Another reason why it is a great time to get your shop online so that you’re ready when the lockdown ends. )
    You should be able to get pricing from some of the larger courier companies such as DHL. You need to include shipping pricing on your website.
    We usually add a price for local and another price for the rest of the country.
  • PayGate. PayGate is a company that will be making sure that the payment part of things are secure and that you receive your money. We can assist you with signing up with them as well.
    They have a basic package with no monthly fees. They simply take a small fee every time you have a sale on your website. This is usually the best option to start off with.

What we can offer you

We usually do custom quotes on all websites since each persons needs are unique and we design each site from scratch. But here’s an idea of what you can get.

Price : R 6000 : R3000 deposit, R3000 before going live ( Contact us for payment plans if needed on )

  • A 3 – 5 page website
  • Content Management System – You will be able to lock in through a secure online area to update your products and to do small changes to content throughout the site.
  • Up to 20 products to start off with. You will be able to add more.
  • Assistance with setting up an online payment gateway with PayGate.( )
  • Responsive website – The website will adjust to be viewed correctly over different media devices ( cellphone, desktop, tablet, etc )
  • Contact Form to email – A form of up to 10 fields for potential clients with questions
  • Google map
  • Standard Search Engine Optimisation – We install a plugin on your Website called Yoast SEO. You can upgrade this at a later stage should you wish.
  • Google Analytics Setup – This will give you statistics on visitors to your site
  • Submit your site to Google
  • You will also receive pdf document with basic steps that will show you how to update your products