Terms & Conditions

 Colours may vary from proofs and samples and computer screens. 
 Digital proofs colours and quality may vary from litho printing. 
 Printing time may vary. 
 Clients are responsible for letting us know if they have had a change of address both physical, postal or email addresses. 
 All work is done COD unless otherwise stated. 
– Check payments are execpted but work will only start once money clears in bank.
– For cash and eft payments proof of payment for deposits are sufficient for work to begin.
 Interest of 10% will automatically be charged on all COD work not paid for within 7 days. 
 All work remains the property of Fdesign until paid for in full, this also means that invoices that contain multiple items must be paid in full before any item is the property of the client. 
 Fdesign is not responsible for any damages resulted from the removal of work or websites not paid for.
 Work in progress will be billed for every 2 weeks according to the amount that has been completed, this is COD and COD terms apply. 
 All content is assumed to be approved by the client, including all colours, content, errors & omissions. 
 Fdesign will not be responsible for any mistakes made in proofing, the client is 100% responsible. 
 If mistakes have been proofed and printed, then Fdesign may consider re-doing the job at a reduced price. 
 All artwork that is printed is considered a sample until it has been signed and dated by the client, thereafter it is considered a proof. 
 If a mistake is noticed before printing begins and needs to be corrected then the client will be responsible for all costs in altering that artwork. For example: printing plates have been made, but the job has not been run yet. 
 All goods are to be returned within 5 working days if there is an issue. 
 Under no circumstances will Fdesign or any employees be held responsible for any copyright disputes. 
 Proofs are to be signed and dated before printing begins. 
 Proofs can be done via digital printed proof, email or fax, however colours will vary from proof to print and colours can’t be proofed by fax or email. 
 A deposit of 50% is required before we can proceed with any job. 
 Deposits are non-refundable. 
 Payments may be made in cash, bank guaranteed cheque or EFT, we do not accept credit card or debit card payments. 
 Much of the information on this site has been simplified to help explain complicated terms, therefore we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information on this site. Some of the information is our understanding of terms and is therefore not to be taken as fact. 
 Quotes are only valid for 30 days from the date on the quote. 
 The client will be liable for design time, regardless whether or not you go through with printing the final product or not. 
 Fdesign is not responsible for the maintenance/renewals of domains. 
 Fdesign will not be held responsible for any damages that may result in late delivery of any product.
 Fdesign does not do hosting, nor does it have any control over the status of your website or email. 
 Any problems with technical aspects of websites are to be taken up with your service provider. 
 In the case where the client has no hosting service, Fdesign will recommend one, however the client understands that the agreement is between them and the service provider. 
 Fdesign will not be held responsible for any sites or email that is/are temporarily unavailable. 
 Fdesign is not responsible for backing up of website, hosting solutions or email. 
 Fdesign is not responsible for transferring domains or setting up your email, however we may choose to do so for an additional cost. 
 In order for Fdesign to upload your website, you will be required to provide the FTP details. 
 Websites are built to be compatible in the latest browser versions only unless stated otherwise. 
 All content is to be supplied within 1 month of the deposit being paid. Any extensions will need to be done so in writing. 
 Fdesign will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from websites being down, unavailable, infected by viruses, deleted or any other reason. 
 Fdesign can not determine the size of space your website will require or the traffic that you may use. 
 Fdesign has no control over the hosting service of your website and cant beheld responsible for up time or issues with hosting. 
 Any content changes to new websites, must be done within one week of the site going live. 
 Fdesign is not responsible for your dialup connection or any other connectivity. 
 Fdesign is open on weekdays only, from 9am to 5pm. 
 Fdesign is a design company and does not offer any technical support. 
 It is the clients responsibility to supply all content for any web maintenance or monthly packages. 
– 1 Full calendar month notice required for the cancellation of maintenance packages.
 Fdesign does not guarantee any website search positions or ratings whatsoever. Furthermore we do not offer statistics or regular reports on ratings unless agreed upon in writing. 
 Retainers are non-refundable. 
 Quotes on websites do not include website registration with search engines or site optimization, but meta tags will be included on your submission (meta tags are the words that you think people will type in search engines in order to find you. e.g. Fdesign may be found if someone types ”design services” 
 All the conditions in printing apply to website and internet as well, and visa versa. 
 All content is assumed to be approved by the client in any media. 
 Any right that may be required for any of the content is not the responsibility of Fdesign. 
 Fdesign is not responsible for any malfunctioning equipment, or any damages that may result in our equipment not working on any day of printing, photography or any other media. 
 Fdesign may require two weeks notice prior to arranging a date for photography. 
 Fdesign is not responsible for any media not playing across different platforms and computers. 
 Fdesign provides no guarantees or warrantees whatsoever. 
 It is the responsibility of the client/associate to gain whatever permissions/rights may be necessary for all work done by Fdesign prior to use that may require so. This includes any footage, pictures, songs   and other content, provided by Fdesign or by the client/associate. This is also the case if Fdesign is featured for gain in the final product. 
 Any content provided by the client or Fdesign that is later discovered needs the proper rights to use will be the responsibility of the client and if changes have to be made will be charged accordingly. 
 Fdesign will not be held responsible for any licensing disputes regarding the photography and stock images available on our website. If you would like to use them them you need to get the necessary permissions. 
 Due to the nature of SEO and search engines we do not guarantee any results or figures whatsoever for search engine marketing services. 
 Directory listings are subject to review, they may be removed at any time without notice. (unless paid listing)
 Use this website at your own risk.
 Your Directory listing may also be posted on our social media and other website, including blogs, facebook, twitter and other listings, PR, services. 
 Fdesign will not be held responsible for any disputes arising from business conducted with companies and people listed on this website. You do business with listed companies at your own risk. 
 Should your listing be incomplete, we may use information from your website to complete the listing to our standards. 
 If you list with our listing services, you agree to accept our news, updates and other emails/communications.


Wedding stationery specials
-different card stock and finnishing available
-Embossing, die-cutting and foiling of cards not included in price.